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    well, as many of you know. chooks eat a lot of things. and i know that. but actaully seeing it is disturbing.

    as a ritual here, well not a ritual but something we do is we have a waterer under the mulberry tree (tyre cut in half) and throughout the winter when the mulberry tree is bare that is where it stays.
    but when it comes summer, mulberry's fall in the water and ''contaminate'' it. as well, the birds poop in there making it quite unpleasent. so i am always there cleaning it out up to 2 times a day. so a larger waterer (another tyre cut in half) is placed under the orange tree. it can hold more water and is easily accessed by the chooks. so its quite a good spot!
    so off i went and tipped up the mulberry warterer and put it down. then i got the summer water and filled it up with water. as i was filling it up i noticed that there was a small frog ot toad. it hopped 5 cm and then i saw my chook gobble it up!
    ''Why?!'' it was disgusting! i mean most people know that chooks eat a wide range of thing but to the human eye its really horrible! and i wonder why they do this? is it because they are lacking something? what is wrong? is it tasty?

    again and again i am wondering, why? do we not give the nutrious food to them? i also want people to tell me what they have seen thier chooks eat.
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    This is how nature works: eat or be eaten.
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    Quote:i am not thinking of this through the frogs point of view, but the chooks.
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    Chickens are not vegetarians or vegans. They are omnivores. If it doesn't eat them, they eat it. Frogs, mice, or small snakes are on the menu for mine if they can catch them. A small six inch snake does not stand a chance.

    This has nothing to do with whether they are being fed properly or anything like that. They enjoy eating these things and get a lot of nutrients from them. To my human eye, it is not horrible or disgusting. It is what chickens naturally eat, just like grubs, grasshoppers, and earthworms.

    I'm surprised the chicken gobbled it up. It must have been small. Usually mine have a game of keep away with things like that, others chasing the one with the morsel while they try to peck it to break it down so they can swallow it.
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    i have a small spring creek running along my piece of earth,and you should see the chickens fight over a crawfish. yummie!!

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