She brought home something long eared update three now PICS !!

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Sep 2, 2008
Peace Valley in Howell County Missouri
So the wife tells me to come on up to the barn. It is 10 P.M. and I do have a bit of curiousity.

I go up and about 10 minutes latter a truck and trailer pull up.

I of course say "what have you done this time dear"

She bought a Jennie at the auction this morning (I did not go).

This one is broke to ride and a real sweetie.

She stands about 10 to 12 hands, needs some grocieries and is about 5 years old.

We have been looking for a Jennie for a long time to care for the minis this winter.

I must say, I am very pleased.

Seems you can't just have ONE....

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