she is laying her egg at 6pm?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
is that not weird or what? its like almost dark outside and she's sitting in her nest working on her egg!

I guess I didn't think chickens would lay their eggs this late in the day!
I have a RIR that started doing this recently. I figured it's because it's cooling down and the days are shorter. Maybe she's becoming an owl.
I've seen my hens on the nest late in the day from time to time. I wait for them to finish and move them to the roost before I lock the coop up for the night.
I thought for sure she was skipping a day for the first time... she just started laying last friday... so today is egg 7! THought it was really odd at 6ish her sitting in her nest!
I have a RIR that lays between 5-7 every day.. I let them out to roam at that time and she always ends up rushing back to the coop and lays her egg... I had always thought chickens laid their eggs early in the morning....I found out that mine lay from 7am to 7 pm -most being laid around noon....GO figure..
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My Welsummers always layed their eggs in the evening time. Don't know why, but that's what they did.
My AO tends to lay her eggs in the evening. Most mornings there is an egg in her nest. My neighbors seem to lay at night too. When I go out to make sure everybody is tucked in I can hear the neighbors hen announcing her egg.

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