She laid an egg!

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    Sep 12, 2012
    I have a bantam hen that has been through hell and back again. More than once!

    You can follow the original thread here.

    The follow-up so far is that she is walking on the leg, but with a noticeable limp, now. It has been a little under two weeks, so I'm not expecting her to be running as though nothing happened. But after the first five days, she began flying up on to my night stand to roost (funny place - right beside my face when I wake up in the morning).

    And the past three days, she has been cooing a lot, like some hens do as they are trying to find a good spot to lay an egg. She didn't stay broody, and I didn't expect her to lay anytime soon with the injury. But I set up a nest box for her with a towel in it, and put a bantam egg in it from the hen that is still outside, just in case. And just as soon as I showed it to her (and gave her strips of paper and squares of toilet paper to "build" it how she wanted it), she promptly sat right in it, and laid an egg.

    I know an egg uses up a VERY large amount of resources within a chicken's body, so they tend to stop laying anytime they are sick, injured, or even stressed. So the fact that she laid an egg is VERY good news to me! I tried to take her outside and see how she would be with the rest of the flock, but most of them are large fowl, and they didn't take to her very kindly. I'll have to do it some day when they are all out of the pen, or I'll have to make her a mini-pen inside of the big one so they can't get to her for a while. I didn't want to leave her out there to "just deal with it" and get her spot in the pecking order figured back out, because she isn't 100% yet. The limp makes her much weaker than the others, and bantam versus large fowl doesn't give her good odds.

    But upon bringing her back in this morning, she got her share of some boiled eggs that I cooked and crushed last night. So she wasn't complaining! I'm seriously considering the idea of putting her in a giant old rabbit cage that I have, and just keeping her as an indoor chicken until I finally get the canopy to make a second pen just for bantams.
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    Congrats on the egg and to a full recovery.

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