She seemed fine and then.....


May 9, 2015
Oh I hope someone out there can shed some light.
I have a very sick chicken!
She is almost one year old - she is a GL Wyandotte.
As of yesterday am she could not stand on her legs and they sort of stick straight out stiff. I can move them for her - and she is not in pain - I hope - and so likely no broken bones. She has had some green poop and it wasn't solid. She does not want to eat or drink so I am dunking her beak in anything that works. She has had some oatmeal and corn scratch mixed together with warm water and I have an electrolyte/vitamin powder which I've mixed with water for her. I have tried chubby meal worms and she is not interested. I scrambled her an egg this morning and she did eat it.
She has lost weight and is sooo sleepy.
I had initially thought it was a B2 (riboflavin) deficiency but now reading further - should I be concerned that it might be lymphoid leukosis?
She was vaccinated for Marek's at birth.

please help if you can!

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