She was fine this morning.....


8 Years
Jun 12, 2011
Granbury, Texas
Then this afternoon, hubby and I were working on the coop and I noticed that she looked off.

Every once in a while she kind of works her throat around like she has something stuck in it. No coughing, gurgling, sneezing or wheezing at all. Threw a tiny bit of layer pellets in front of her and she didn't respond to them. Also doesn't appear to be drinking. I syringed a little water into her mouth and she took it....... That brings up another oddity.... She let me pick her up without a fuss. First time for that. Crop felt fairly empty although she did actively feed this morning and while free ranging was very engaged. Now, she doesn't move around much but is bright when you encourage her to move. Eyes still look bright. Just seems to stay in one place and shut her eyes. She did get herself up onto the roost tonight which was encouraging to me. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
Temps shouldn't be a problem. We have been in the 100+ for a very long time, but that broke yesterday and I don't even know if we made it to 90 today, it felt glorious. Nights have really cooled off great too, it was 67 this morning and 74 or so yesterday morning. It's just very odd that this would come on seemingly so suddenly.
This morning her poop was fine... I didn't catch her pooing this evening but then her crop felt pretty empty. I believe she's the only one of her hatch mates not laying yet. The other two have just started laying and there have been some soft shelled eggs, but I am next to positive that she's not laying them.
Well, this morning you wouldn't know anything had been amiss. Ran out with the rest of them to free range, drinking well, eating well. Then I found this.

The nest boxes are what my husband and I had been working on yesterday. They (the other two cuckoo pullets) had been laying in a cardboard box
on the floor of the coop. 5 minutes after I installed the ladder this morning, she was in a box. Again, I don't think she has ever laid an egg yet. She spent about 30 minutes in the nest with no results but I didn't see her straining or anything like that. Is it likely that the onset of laying may have/may be affecting her like I described above?

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