She was laying and now she's not!!!


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Mar 10, 2008
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Miss Prissy laid 7 eggs about a month ago. We let her sit on them for over 21 days - just to be sure....
well, none of the eggs was fertile so we had to get rid of them.

She hasn't laid an egg since..... is this normal? Is she punishing us for taking away her babies?

Every day we check to no avail.

We have added two 7 week old Black sex link pullets and two 9 week old white leghorns.

They all get along fine, just no eggs.

Any suggestions?

So is there anything I can do to get her back on track?

I know it will be several months before the babies start laying but we were so excited that she was laying. Could adding them to the flock have upset her?

She is a banty hen - unsure of the breed. She's a very light beige with some blackish blue speckles here & there.
Body is simular to a leghorn hen, just quite a bit smaller.
I think there is a picture of her on my web page here.

Oh, well............... guess we'll keep on watching. Maybe when the babies start laying she'll start again.

Still haven't got to eat a single egg!!!! Darn!


When our light sussex hen went broody, she hatched out 3 chicks and she didn't start laying again until they were 5 / 6 weeks old, when they were big enough to look after themselves. I think after a hen has been broody she doesn't lay for a number of weeks to allow her chicks to grow, but aren't sure...

It was funny though, she'd make the chicks all follow her into the nest box and sit with her until she had laid her egg, then they'd all troop back out again
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Just cleaning out my nest boxes will keep my hens from laying for a few days! Adding two new hens could certainly be the cause of her not laying. I think just giving her time to get settled in again is the key.
It's normal for a hen to take some time off after being broody. Patience little grasshoppah, patience.

I thought fishing taught me patience, but after hatching eggs, I dunno...
I never thought about that - if the eggs HAD hatched she would have babies to take care of and have no time to sit on more eggs!!

Ya'll are so smart!!! I love this website!!

Thanks to all!


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