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    Feb 5, 2012
    My 10yr old daughter and I started our project today, of turning an old, un-used shed into our first ever, chook pen. We barely know a screw from a nail, so, so far, everything is coming along nicely (until someone tells me it is wrong and won't work). We pulled weeds from the edges and cleared junk from inside, and searched for stuff laying around that we could use. The last owners left lots of junk behind that is becoming a treasure for us [​IMG]. So far we haven't spent any money. How lucky were we to find a piece of mesh that is a perfect fit in the front of the shed, blocking gaps but still providing plenty of ventilation. We used cable ties to secure it to rio that was already there. Then I found more sheets of mesh to put on the shed floor, creating a predator proof floor. Do you think the foxes would find the spot where the door is, if I didn't put any mesh there? Putting mesh down there will mean we can't open the door. It's a silly door that opens inwards and I am not handy enough to be able to change hinges so that it opens outwards. I am very farm-rookie. Should I dig out the doorway to lay mesh lower down, or do you think it will be right? I haven't seen foxes about but I know they are here, goannas, other peoples' dogs and wild dogs, too.

    Tomorrow we are going to put dirt over the mesh floor, and there are old sheets of colourbond laying about to close the hole in the roof. So much good junk laying around.
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    If it were me I just might do sand or grit gravel where you put the metal mesh.Maybe stick the mesh on the outside buried and bent outwards. I just have a metal shed door that I close with a screw driver at the top and a cinder block at the bottom.

    Since you have light coming in at the top you probably won't need to cut into the shed,but that is what I had to do and taped plexiglass in place.

    I would also recommend putting out a live trap now. I had no idea I had so many coons and possums in my urban setting. I was lucky to not have any loss.

    Looking forward to your complete conversion pics! It is great that your dd is helping. I would see if someone could switch that door around for you. I think it will get annoying after a bit with it pushing in.Chances are it is rusted in which case you will just have to make due with it.
    Bby my door it gets wet. I did put a board to keep in shavings.Hens just hop over it.
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