Shed conversions as coops


8 Years
Jul 2, 2011
Please post pictures of your shed-coop conversions!
Thinking about buying a shed for my chickens - they need a new house - and I want to see what you do inside!
We converted our 8x8 shed into a coop.
The big window we made in the back wall. I made a plexiglass window that I can swing up and hook on a hook in the ceiling for the winter.

The pop door with frame and one of the roosts next to it are shown in this pic.

We made a diagonal wall so I can step into the coop and close the big door and not have a hen run out on me.

We have since changed the large door for a standard size and run electrical to the coops.
My small storage corner was a bit messy in the pic.
Sorry I do not have more pics of the inside of the large coop.
You can see in the pic that there is a window on the side as well. I have the diagonal wall solid on the bottom and wire on the top of the side to the left of the screen door in the coop. I can open the large door and allow more air in the summer this way.
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That's very nice! That diagonal door is a good idea too. How many chickens do you have in that shed? We were thinking of a 6x4 one for six chickens with a storage area too, but now I think that'll be a bit small.
I have finally gotten the hens to get along and that coop has 10 in it. They are not pecking at each other and do nicely. I do clean it daily since I think poo is yucky. I change all the shavings once a month and am just picking up anything I can see on a daily basis.
Having a good run is helpful since it gives them room to spread out. In the spring we are making a roof for the run and caging in our garden so they have even more space to do chicken things.

I will have to post pics when we do this. I think it will be a blast!
Oh and I have linoleum down to make clean up EASY. I also covered the poop boards in it. Just a broom and a plastic scoop shovel needed to do the full clean.
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citychickx6 - we're doing a similar thing with our garden. We've just moved and it's completely open at the back with a simple rail fence on one side, so we have to watch them constantly when they are free-range. We're making a 5x5m run at the moment, just finishing the roof and door. We'll make another one soon and rotate the chickens between the two. When the garden is properly fenced they will be able to free range more. But the foxes mean we need roofed and sided hole-less runs for most of the day
OH I totally agree the safer the better. My hens will not have free run since our neighborhood is full of dogs and mine would surely get eaten. I have had a raccoon trying lately to no avail to get into the coop. I have a live trap I can set if I see that he/she has been back as well as a hot wire I can put on the run.
We are going to do a pergola above our garden and cages around all of our plants so I still can have veggies.
I know, the safer the better, but the more boring for the chickens. The poor things actually fly out of the run when I open the door for them in the evenings.
And that sounds like a lot of work!
Our old Shed Before-

Cleaned up & Built Poop proof Box for Water Tank

Fixed the aluminum on corner of door- reinforced with a "kick board" also added a huge slide lock (not pictured)

Dug out Trenchs around edges and filled with cheap Concrete to prevent digging

Predator proofed the window



Since these pictures were taken over a year ago this Shed conversion , mini barn , chicken house , whatever you want to call it has proven to be not only extremely predator proof but its not a bad setup for chickens that are only confined to it in the nighttime.
Its easy to clean- I hose it alll down and i managed to make a seperate area for my ducks and a few single chicken cages for those who dont sleep well with others. The rest go in at night , jump to the highest roosts ( not pictured yet) and in the morning they dust bath or scratch around waiting for me to open the door
I will try to upload some recent pics later today!
Wow! I like what you've done with the crate things, too, that's a good idea. Please do upload some more pictures
We like to work in the yard so I think we will enjoy it. I will post pics as we go. I think we will have it completed in 2 weekends maybe 3 with the painting.
You could make some short runs for them perhaps. I have seen the a-frame tractors on the coops page. That is where I got my idea for the row covers.

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