Jun 7, 2018
Sheffield, UK
Hi everyone,
This is a great resource. I'm in Sheffield, northern England and I have 3 silkies, all still about 5 weeks now. Unfortunately one of them (Alex) recently came down with wry neck but is making a good recovery (I'll probably share more on that soon).
I had chickens when I was a kid, I grew up in the countryside then in Cornwall and it was a great part of my childhood. I had a cockerel called Cocky Locky Tutu Bird of Birds and a lot of hens without names - they were all crossbreed bantams of various sorts.
Now I've got a stepson who is a city kid and I realised had no real concept of the reality of the meat which he loves to eat, I decided to educate him by getting some chickens. My other reason is I'm vegetarian and try to minimise the amount of animal products I eat so getting my own eggs from happy chickens would mean I can enjoy eating eggs. I don't feel great about eating shop bought, so called 'free-range' eggs, knowing what I know about farming and chickens.
I'm currently building a coop for them as an extension to our unused outside toilet block and once its done and the chickens are all settled in I plan to get more chickens - this time probably crossbreed birds. I'd really like to take on a couple of ex-battery birds if space allows. At the moment the two healthy chickens are living in the house with us and the dogs most of the time which is a bit mad. The dogs tolerate them but I don't leave them alone together. They like to roost on the back of the sofa in the evenings and wander about downstairs in the day (lucky we have hard floors). The other one is in a box in the bedroom cuddled up to a teddy.
Anyway, this is 'hello', I'd love to hear from anyone near Sheffield or in the north of England particularly. Thanks for reading my post. xx


Sep 9, 2018
Manchester UK
Welcome Helen, I'm in Manchester UK, I'm fairly new on here and not long had chickens.
The gang on here are great, very friendly and never be afraid to ask any questions if need be.
They have helped me lots of times, I only have 5 hens, made a coop out of a shed, mine free range in my back garden.
Only got one still laying at the moment as the days are getting shorter, I think it will be spring before they get in the full flow.


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