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    I emailed my mayor and this is what she sent me

    According to (b) of Ordinance 618.17, “keeping…of any such fowl may be located on one acre or more.” However, there are exceptions listed under (c), “Recognized agricultural educational programs” with limitations listed and “persons who depend upon livestock to supplement their incomes or diets are exempt from divisions (a) and (b)”. For example, if you have a child in FFA or 4H who is raising the chickens as part of the program or you depend on the chickens for eggs to eat or sell, you may be exempt.

    If either of these exemptions apply to this situation, please note that divisions (f) through (i) are applicable and will be enforced on owners of livestock.

    I was not really sure what she met so I sent her this

    actually they would be for eggs and for meat. So that would make it ok to have them from what you just said right here. And I don't know if my son will be in 4-H he is only in 1st grade. But yes They would only be for eating and eggs? Is the application I must fill out or anything to be able to do this. My new place has a 12foot fence all the way around the yard so there is no way once so ever they can get out. There is also a mini barn there that I would use for them to live with.Also what about roosters. I would need 1 of those so that they can make babies to have for the next season. I plan on seeing if pioneer will butcher them for me or some other butcher shop. I do not plan to do it my self that would break my heart. I will hatch my own eggs or buy baby chicks. Please let me know if this sounds legal you are awesome thanks for getting back to me!

    Am I understanding what she said right?

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