Shelbyville Tennessee - Did you see my chickens on the news? :(

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by LeMasterParty, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. So I had asked in the Middle Tennessee Thread , about what to do when I found out my neighbor behind me was going around the neighborhood with a petition against , what i thought at the time was MY chickens...

    well come to find out , after news came to my home because they wanted to do a piece about her petition when it was in city council , we live in a small rural county and I am not the only one with chickens , I am not even the only one in my subdivision with chickens . That her petition was to " make it illegal to have chickens in city limits" no let me tell you when you go to the end of her and my own roads you will come to a COW PASTURE .. , she's an older lady and while in the city council meeting she went on saying " it's nothing personal " I highly doubt she waited until year 91 of her life to be an activist against back yard chickens... I was sadly out of town when Channel 5 came , but i did send them onto a friend of mine in the neighborhood to speak to them on behalf of your lovely chickens :)

    needless to say city council shot it down , and told her , that her only possibly action was a civil suit ( against what IDK my chickens are clean , quiet , and do not go into her yard .. all things I can't say 100% about my 4 kids ;) lol ) but we are secretly hoping that she gets fed up enough with us that she will put a fence up before we have to , and FYI I promise when I put a fence up , I am painting giant , glow in the dark chickens on my the side facing her yard ;)

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