Shelf Life of Corid and antibiotics?


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I (think) I may have boo-boo'd tonight. I ordered a 16 ounce bottle of Corid for "just in case" purposes (I want to be at the ready if anything should happen to my chicklets when (and if) they hatch).

I also ordered several different antibiotics and vaccines:

NewCastle disease vaccine
Poulvac Coryza ABC
Tylan (something or other)
chick-n-pox TC

I also ordered Wazine wormer and I know it shouldn't be used until they're at least 8 mos of age (or so I'm told) but I didn't want to wait and then forget to order it and then be responsible for a wormy dead chicken so I ordered that too. I also got some pro gel something-b for baby chicks and a syringe, chick and chicken IVs and some other stuff.

...can anyone tell me what the shelf life/expiration date is on all of those meds I ordered? And the Corid (it's the liquid form, not powder). I'm thinking I probably just spent an obscene amount of money on a bunch of things that I won't even need for another 6-12 months or longer and it occurred to me that some probably won't be good that long.

(no expiration dates were on the descriptors)

Thank you in advance
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When/if you use the Corid, you Should make a fresh batch every day, so you might use more than you thought you might. Store it and your other stuff in a cool, dark place to extend their shelf life.

The wormer you ordered, Wazine, is good for roundworms only, so do some research about worming chickens. I have a problem with blackhead (histomoniasis) here, so I worm with Safeguard liquid (Fenbendazole) and I worm some of mine when they are a few weeks old.
Newcastle is a fairly rare, reportable illness. Chances of your birds contracting this are slim to none.

Poxine is for fowl pox, yes? Is this a problem in your area? Mostly, pox is a nuisance virus. It can become dangerous if it is wet pox, but dry pox is much more common, and not really that big a deal.

Coryza vaccine and Tylan- good calls.

The rest I have never even heard of.

I think you went way overboard. These are probably going to expire before they even get opened. Any vaccines are only good for a matter of days once they are drawn from. You will waste a lot of the vaccines. Powdered antibiotics are generally good for up to 2 years if stored correctly. Refrigerated antibiotics vary widely in the life expectancy, but a year is a good rule of thumb. I am unsure about the Corid.
Thank you everyone- lots of helpful information. And yes, I did go way overboard, but I'm so new to this it's not even funny and I just wanted to make sure I had everything in case something happened. =/

Then again - I just saw 4 opossums in the sidestreet next to our house last night and we live on the busiest street in the city so...I'm pretty sure sickness is the least of our concerns. ;(

Thank you again for the info and help!

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