Shell-less Egg and Dirty Butt

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    One of my girls laid a shell-less egg that was broken open on Sunday. This week I've noticed that one in particular has a dirty trail down her butt (sorry if this is gross and/or poorly said). It happened again today, and I checked out the girl with the dirty butt. It has what is probably albumen on it. Her vent looks okay (I think), but she seems a little listless. This is her first year laying. When she and my other started laying, there was an egg with some blood on it, and then a few days later an egg with more blood on it. I assumed it was my other late bloomer.

    My dirty-butt girl has been drinking water, and I've watched her eat calcium. She isn't super-listless, she just didn't tear apart her broccoli like she usually does.

    I've read that Vitamin D deficiency can be the cause of shell-less eggs, so I'm wondering if that's the case, or if it's just early-layer problems. I was getting three eggs every other day or so for the first week, so I'm pretty sure she was laying okay in the beginning. They eat lots of greens, their layer food, and, unfortunately, whatever millet comes out of the wild bird feeder. I was giving them chicken everyday, but after I noticed the drop in egg production, I've stopped giving it to them.

    Does anyone have any advice? I can certainly put vit. D powder in their water, but if the other girls aren't having problems, I don't want to overdose them. I'm worried, and considering taking her to the vet.

    I forgot to mention a few things. I found another membrane in the yard (so that makes three). Also, when I was collecting eggs, in the nest box they usually lay in, there was this green thing that was a bit slimy. It almost looked like a deflated balloon. I was thinking it may have been something one ate and then defecated, but I got to thinking, and I don't think they would poop in their nest box. Also, my girls lay green/blue eggs, so I'm wondering if it was a shell that came out before the egg, or something went wrong in the process. The nest box that did have two eggs in it was the one with the broken shell-less egg, so I'm thinking she laid her egg after the other two...

    Thanks for any help! [​IMG]

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