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    One of my hens finally started giving me eggs a couple of weeks ago. She has been very reliable on laying for 2 days and then one day off. Well 3 days passed and no egg, on the 4th day I went into the hen house to peek into the nest box and see if maybe someone had eaten it, but I found nothing. After walking around the run, I noticed something that looked like a dirty peach sitting under the ramp that they walk to get into and out of the run.

    I have been searching the forum and google and have read that my hen could possibly... 1) die of internal injury 2) may recover and resume normal laying 3) may continue to shed tissue and lay abnormal eggs...

    I am wondering if I may be missing any other valuable information. Does this happen in all breeds or are certain breeds prone to shedding internal tissue, etc? Can this happen at any age (my hen is fairly young, under 1 year)?

    Any additional information would be appreciated.

    I apologize for the photo. If anyone can give me an idea as to what the attachment to the yolk is... that would be highly useful and education for me.

    The shell-less egg was found in the dirt and the long "item in question" to the upper right of the yolk was attached to the shell-less egg.

    Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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    It's pretty normal with young layers, and more with higher production breeds. I've had several shell-less or otherwise funky eggs over the years and never lost a hen to internal laying, etc (that I know of, I have had birds die on occasion but didn't investigate). I figure, female humans have weird glitches in our reproductive cycles, stands to reason birds will also.
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    x2 I have seen a few of these from my hens as they started laying, even from several different breeds. Something was off when the casing and shell were forming. I would not worry about it unless it happens consistently for weeks and weeks or you see other symptoms. It is normal for new layers to have some funky ones.
  4. (sub)UrbanCoop

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    Thank you donrae and chickensrdinos! I appreciate the responses. Will keep an eye on her for now and pray for the best.

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