Shelter for Freedom Rangers in the garden?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by maggie&thechicks, Nov 14, 2011.

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    I am considering buying @25 Freedom Ranger chicks to go into my <1yo 1/8 acre organic garden space next spring. It has been planted in alfalfa this winter as a cover crop. The cover crop is meant to improve the new garden in addition to possibly providing food for raising the meat chickens. I plan to contain them with Premier poultry fencing. The help I need from you, the least expensive safe shelter I can provide for these chickens as adolescents/young adults, in this small field. (Other advice is very welcome!) They will stay in a brooder situation until fairly well feathered and the weather is warm. This is my first experience with meat birds. I have had layers for @3 years. Thanks
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    I plan on doing the same next spring and will be building a 2x4 frame as the base upon the ground and attaching a couple of pieces of arched cattle panelling onto this base, covering with a tarp for shade and rain shelter. I can attach feeders and waterers to this structure and the whole thing is lightweight and movable to fresh ground.

    When you are through, you can remove the panels and store the whole thing flat up against a wall somewhere until it is needed once again. Or even, as we plan to do, use the cattle panelling for trellises in the garden and to support tomatoes.
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    How about a tractor that you can open and let them out of just because they are easy to build and don't cost alot in materials...

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