Shelters can be so frustrating!

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    ...and forget about the people on craigslist! I started browsing some shelter websites looking at dogs. I would like to adopt in the next few months, but I want to wait until I meet the perfect dog. I will most likely stick with the shelter that is partnered with my vet school, but it is still fun to browse other sites.

    I'm just floored by the amount some "shelters" ask for their animals. I think an adoption fee of $300-$350 is ludicrous! I've worked with some awesome shelters who were more than able to operate with lower adoption fees and still found great homes for their animals. While I truly believe a person needs to be financially prepared to own an animal, I don't think a higher adoption fee proves anything. I know I would personally rather put that extra $150-$200 towards an insurance plan or monthly preventatives.

    The other thing that irks me are the people on craigslist looking to "rehome" their dogs, are asking huge fees, and have not bothered to spay or neuter. I just saw an ad for a "purebred" pitbull that had not been neutered because he is purebred, and the owner was asking $400 but needs to get rid of him ASAP. I just don't understand people!

    I will eventually find a perfect match for me I'm sure, but this is almost as bad as horse shopping! Lol!
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    I know! I think that an adoption fee is good, so someone who really wants to have a dog or rabbit or cat or whatever will pay the fee, but people who want to do dog fighting, etc. won't be willing to spend money on the animal (does that make sence lol).

    My local GSD rescue charges $350 for adult dogs, and $500 for puppies who they just seem to want to get rid of.

    My local animal shelter (kill), only charges at the most $125 for a dog, but they are always having special deals and lowering them down to like $80.

    I'm also looking for a dog.This one ad cought my eye. It was for an aussie, that they were selling for $400, unneutered but not show "quality", because it's owners were moving to "study" out of the country.
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    I think the high fees will eventually shoot themselves in the foot- feet -paws.
    When you can get a pure breed dog of choice for only a bit more, why will 'Joe public' bother jumping through the shelter rules?
    I have a pure bred shepherd picked up off the street, I have a pure bred Rhodesian ridge back from the shelter, and a golden gifted, but from a breeder
    If the shelter ones cost the same as from a breeder why would someone be willing to perhaps adopt someone else's troubled dog?

    This sounds like I am pro breeder anti shelter, but I am not. I just wish people would not get animals that they are unprepared to care for, and then dump them; or breed them and then dump the non show quality pups at the shelter, or on the street.
    Or a puppy suck all of the puppy joy out of them then dump a bewildered animal.

    I am glad you are taking your time to find the right fit. He/she is is out there and when everything lines up you will get your perfect pup.
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    We happened to get lucky when my boyfriend and I got our dog. Because he'd been hit by a car and lost his back leg no one really wanted to adopt him because he's "special needs". Because of that he was only 20 dollars. He was a good investment :)
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    2 of our dogs are shelter dogs. Our Tibetian Spaniel is now 17 years old & we got him on his last day at the shelter for $25. He's been the best dog! Unfortunately our other one was hit by a car. She was the best dog ever! She just got out of the yard on our country dirt road. Boo to whomever hit her & didn't even bother to stop. Me personally think it was on purpose because of the tire tracks.

    Anyways... good luck on your search. Shelter dogs are awesome!!

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