shelters for free range birds


11 Years
Nov 19, 2008
Central Virginia
What kind of shelters do you all have in your yard for chickens to duck under for cover against hawks?
I had a problem with one small persistant hawk last year bothering my girls and would like to build some inexpensive protection for them.
We're not totally red-neck, so we don't have broken down cars or farm equipment parked all over the place.
I built teepees out of saplings and fabric from some old patio umbrellas. Someone I know has just sapling huts made in the style of Eeyore's house in Winnie the Pooh.

Good luck.
I got some free pallets and wired them (two for each shelter) together with leftover electric fence. I open them into tepees and place them around the pasture for shade/shelter from hawks. You can get free pallets most anywhere- one of our biggest sources around here is Sears.
Aroo? Pictures please!

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