She's 11 weeks, beautiful, and a mystery

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    Erica and her 14 friends were hatched on May 1. From Meyer Hatchery came, as ordered, 3 Golden-laced Wyandottes, 3 black New Jersey Giants and 3 NH Reds. 6 more came alongside in the "brown layer variety pack." Of the six I have an extra Wyandotte, an extra NH Red, a barred Plymouth Rock, a white rock, a RIR, and... Erica, my mystery hen. She is 10-11 weeks old in this pic.

    Can you tell me her breed? She is beautiful, her brown feathers change color and pattern into the tail. What have I got?

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    Apr 24, 2014
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    Looks like a Welsummer to me.

    Welsummers lay dark brown speckled eggs like this:

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  3. DonHess

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    After looking at several photos of adult Welsummer hens, I believe you are exactly right. And what a pretty bird she will be. As she is my favorite lap-sitter, I fear only that my incredible handsomeness will spoil our photos together.

  4. Goldenelk lover

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    Yup,a well summer!and a pretty girl!

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