She's a laying machine!

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    Our Lady Am hen started laying eggs in early Spring. When she got up to 16 or so, we decided she wasnt going to set them so we placed them in the incubator.
    A week later, she had produced another 6 eggs. Those went in the bator also. We had a decent hatch...about 50%. They hatched about 2 weeks ago.

    4 days ago she came up missing. I looked everywhere and couldnt find her. Figured she slipped out or got yanked out by a coon.

    Well, last night DS came in and said 'found the pheasant'!!
    Sure enough she is bedded down in the tall grass of the pen with 6 MORE eggs under her and this time, she is planning on setting

    Is it unusual to get so many eggs from a 1st year layer?

    Not wondering.

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