she's broody... she's broody not... she's broody... help!


8 Years
Aug 8, 2011
ok, so this is my first season with turkeys.

my bronze cross turkeys have been laying for about 5 weeks now. usually I let several eggs collect before I gather them because if I don't, the hens look for a new nesting area to lay in and I have to go hunt for it. on Wed afternoon when I went to collect, one of the hens was on the nest, so I left her alone. Wed evening when I went to put the birds up, she was still on it, but everyone else was on the roost. so I let her be. she's in the run of a dog kennel, down at the building end, and she's the nervous sort, so I put some feed in at the gate end, along with a bucket of water. she stood up while I was there, I counted 8 eggs. thought she might bail, but she sat back down and was there thursday, friday, this morning. when I fed the other birds this morning, she got off the nest and joined them to eat. hasn't been back on the nest all day. and there's 10 eggs in there now.


I'm guessing the eggs she sat for 3 days are done for? as in, if she sits them now, they won't hatch? they've been uncovered for 10 hours, temps from 45-55 today.

I'm going to go mark them so if she sits back down, or they lay more eggs in this nest, I'll know which ones are toast.

I don't have an incubator yet but I'm looking for one used. just wanted to know if these eggs can be saved and incubated, or if the false start will kill them, and they should be going to the dogs for treats.

aaaaaand... when I went back out to mark the eggs, she was back on them.

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