She's in school... and she kicked me out! LOL

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  1. Rhett&SarahsMom

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    May 8, 2008
    got up and got her dressed. Darn if she didnt notice the slight dye stain on her skort:rolleyes: But I convinced her it was ok and she wore her originally planned outfit after only 2 changes of clothes. One would have thought she was entering high school today.:|

    Got her teeth brushed, her hair brushed. She let me put the girls out(she didnt want to get dirty) Offered her breakfast that she didnt want. I thought about breakfast and nearly threw up(nerves)
    Got into the truck, she didnt want to walk although we will walk some days since it isnt that far. Drove to the campus. Got out. Waited for daddy to park. Took some pictures. Went to the cafe and met up with her teacher and our neighbor, who is the assistant in the class. YAY!!! BIG sigh of relief there thank you very much. Now I really get to keep tabs on the kid:p

    There are 7 boys and 13 girls in her class.. ONE CLASS! I know my KG class wasnt that big. I have a picture of all 10 of us. I think in all there were 24 kids in the entire Kindergarten!
    Most of the kids were clean. some were not. She knows one of the kids from playgroup... NOT a good thing since the girl is VERY aggressive. Pushes, punches, bites, swears.. [​IMG] but most of the kids seemed ok. I dont know what some of the parents were thinking when they dressed themselves this morning. Heavens I wish I had had the camera. Seriously. BAD bad bad. Prime "What Not to Wear" candidates. ie women over the age of 20 that have had two kids should NOT be wearing hip huggers and skimpy t shirts, with a wide silver belt. It draws the eyes TO the belly and hip fat.**Shudder with me on THAT image**

    I digress. On we went to follow the new classmates to their class. Little hooks and a place for winter boots etc outside in the hall. Names over those hooks. out of the 15 kids there. Only 3 found their names with no help. And yes. Our girl was one of those 3. So proud. she then helped the other kids. Very proud. I stood back just watching... well mostly watching the other parents and trying to drag my eyes away from the silver belt.*shudder*
    Then they all filed into the classroom. OK. I will now admit this is where it became 'real" to me. My daughter was in a classroom. Her classroom. With her teacher. And her classmates.
    Potential BFFs. Future boy friends(two boys were really cute and shy and seemed well mannered)
    So here we were. All of us parents,, sending our youngest, middle, oldest and in our case. Only child. Off on the next part of their life journey. I didnt cry. But am now. darnit.
    We are all milling around. the kids are sitting in a circle on the rug. Moms and dads are going to give hugs and kisses. I move towards my daughter to give her a hug and kiss and some words of encouragement and she says to me, with a wave of her hand.

    "You can go now. It's ok"

    I had been dismissed by my nearly 6 year old daughter. All the other parents laughed. Our neighbor(the teachers assistant) laughed and said. "She's ready for college now"
    So we left.
    My "baby" The child I waited to have until I met my "soul mate" The miracle baby that I wasnt supposed to be able to conceive and carry to term.

    Is now in school.

    BTW- we went out to breakfast after I was told to leave.[​IMG] And did some shopping. Now I wait til 2:10 to get her from school. Tomorrow I go looking for a job that will let me work "mom" hours. since I need something steadier than my contract work with my dh's company. Have I mentioned how much I loath his boss?

    Will post pics when I get on the other, easier computer
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    Dec 18, 2007
    Too funny. What a cute post. My youngest son started Kinder yesterday. My other son started 8th grade. There are 22 in my son's class. I think they said 112 in Kinder and 5 classes.

    My little guy was picked up by the bus at 8am on the button. He got right on the bus, smiled and waved and I did the same back. The bus took off, I took care of the animals, got cleaned up and headed in to town shopping ALL by myself. The bliss of uninterupted shopping, taking my time to look around.

    School finishes at 3.30pm and he is scheduled to be home at 4.20pm when the bus stops out of the front of our house. I stood there from 4.15 until 5.20! NOT 4.20pm the bus was a whole HOUR late!

    My little guy got off the bus, asked me for a drink and said he was never going back. LOL!
    He got that wish at least for today as the KG kids went yesterday, have today off and go back tomorrow and Friday.

    Let's see what tomorrow morning brings.
  3. Henrietta23

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    Oct 20, 2007
    Eastern CT
    Aw! I'm crying to just reading. It's hard letting them move on even when you know it's a good and healthy thing. Mine hops on that bus like he owns it now. It's been 5 whole days!
  4. ams3651

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    Jan 23, 2008
    NE PA
    my youngest started last year. I had a melt down a few days later when they hurried him on the bus (he buses to another district, I drive him to get that bus) and I didnt get to tell him goodbye. I was panic stricken and almost drove to the other school to make sure he was ok. He loves it.
  5. SandraMort

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    Jul 7, 2008
    Today my older 2 kids, who had been homeschooled until now, went to school. Similar wave of dismissal. Somewhat relieving but hmph!!!

    What is a silver belt?
  6. happyhen

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    May 8, 2008
    Northeastern Ohio
    Aawww, great post (wiping tears)! Such bittersweet memories.

    Don't blink, cause they grow up faster than we want.
  7. Rhett&SarahsMom

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    May 8, 2008
    Quote:"Silver belt" was a mom ho was wearing low ride jeans that were a size too small and was wearing them with a wide silver toned belt. If her shirt had been big enough for her I may not have noticed that the jeans were low rise and that she had more of a belly than I actually do. Why dont people dress appropriately for their age and weight?? Granted I dont have a mirror in my house besides the "vanity" mirror in the bathroom and the antique dresser in my daughters room... but I know better than to try and wear some of the things I see being sold at the local stores. One of which is named , and I kid you all not. "New York Bling Bling" [​IMG]

    Drop off this morning was confusing. Cars going everywhere. No sense of order at all. It's dangerous. No one knows what is going on. I even spoke with my neighbor last night, teachers assistant in my daughters class and THEY have no idea what is going on either.[​IMG] I asked her last night where to bring dd this morning. She said the cafe. So I got there and there was no one in the cafe. Had to go looking for her teacher. Who will be leaving shortly since she is due Sept 22. (another vent all together- I mean why bother starting the school year if you are only going to be there 2 weeks? Get the kids used to "you" and then leave for 4 months of the year. And they have no idea who the sub is going to be. Sorry. But come on. My sister is a teacher of older kids, that KNOW the school "thing" and is leaving when the kids go on Feb vaca for her maternity leave. Oh and the school dept also has KGs using debit cards. With their own individual PINs none the less. That they have to "punch in" when they are getting breakfast and lunch in the cafe. Now. My daughter knows all her numbers etc. And knows how to work a ATM machine(my idea to teach her when she was 4) But according to my neighbor more than half the kids in the class dont recognize their own names. Never mind that they also dont know their alphabet and numbers. Only a handful could identify the colors as they were being seated at color coded tables.

    Now. I know that not every parent has had the luxury of being able to be home with their kid til they entered KG. I have been very lucky to be able to.... and to be able to continue to be there to be home with her after school. But what are some of these day cares and pre schools.. and parents that did stay home with them DO all day? Pop em in front of a tv and NOTHING else? Heck, even when we watched tv I made sure to discuss things with her. She has known her colors since she could speak. I dont get it. Not one bit.

    Oh and the class size might reach 30 by the start of October. Parents are still registering! I guess it is because the city has a big "transient" family population. *sigh* It's sad that they start falling behind in education SO early. Even sadder that5 the parents just dont seem to care. When I ran my day care I had a FULL pre school/learning curriculum. I had "lesson plans" and such. I sent home newsletters, had a website with the monthly lunches and lessons etc on it. I charged a bit more for my daycare. But the kids GOT more from it. But I didnt get families in because it was 10 more than the lady three blocks over that had TONS of toys in her yard. Yes kids should be kids and play. But they can learn at the same time!

    Sorry, off the soap box.[​IMG]
  8. Henrietta23

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    Oct 20, 2007
    Eastern CT
    I think you've coined a new phrase: "silver belt mom ho". We have a lot of those around here too.
    As for the teacher leaving right away on maternity leave, she may not have had a choice but to start the year so that she's have time at the other end of her leave to be with her child? The district I worked in when we adopted was very strict about stuff like that. I agree it's definitely not in her students' best interest though. I went through it in first grade myself (1969) and I still have memories of going from sweet Miss P. to old mean Mrs. D. Back in 1969 Miss P. wasn't allowed to teach once she announced she was pregnant.

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