She's mad because I wouldn't fence her yard too...


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Feb 23, 2009
I recently spent $2000 to nicely fence my yard because I don't want anyone messing with my chickens. Well, my neighbor is in a fit now because when we first approached her with the project (8 months ago) she said she wanted "to go in" with us and have the fence cover her lot as well. We decided to go forward and fence just our property- I worry about the coop being visible from the road.
The neighbor is enraged- claiming we needed to include her in our decision (but really because she wanted us to pay for her fence). She's a spiteful woman and I worry that now she is going to call animal control about my birds. I've spent hours searching if chickens are outlawed where I live. I figured no one would complain because there are feral chickens all over the place and the neighborhood is juxtaposed to a huge cow field. It's a pretty rural area. I do not live within city limits~ we live in Manatee County. Animal Control has been busy and unable to help us and I worry about calling around and bringing attention to the birds. Paranoid? Perhaps- but it's only because I love them so much.
Any suggestions? My girls don't lay enough to bring eggs and I'm not feeling much kindness after being, I feel, unjustly berated.
the same thing happened to us as well we wanted to fence in out yard so we decided to see if they wanted to pay half for there right side and our left side to be fenced and they said no you should have to pay for it and when we asked for a reason didnt get one so this is how this ended up we put up our fence on the right side off our house then we put a corner on the left and she wrote a strongly worded letter about how they were going to put up a fence but yet we wouldnt agree to putting up that fence so it was all just bull and we let them be mad and were just happy that we got what we wanted and she still has no fence after a year later and we believe they were the ones who called animal control on me and other people
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What's her problem? Now she only has three sides of her yard to worry about and didn't have to pay you for half of the side that borders her property.

If she wants to be a "B", tell her what her half would have cost her and that you expect to be reimbursed immediately.
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most of the times if you live in a community you do have to consult your neighbor and they must pay half for the wall that borders their yard idk why but thats how it is
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You should be out far enough to be able to have chickens. I wouldnt worry to much about it. You might want to go talk to your neighbor and let her know that you decided to just do your property line and didnt think she would want to expense if she didnt need her yard fenced. Just be super sweet and let her know that you can call the same fence company and see if they might give her a discount since you recommended them to her. She might settle right down. Its better to be nice than snooty. When someone is nice to me i automatically feel like being nice back. The nicer you are the less trouble you will have.
That would require you to pay for something you may not want or need. Often neighbors will choose to work together and jointly pay for a fence on their common property line, but I cannot see it ever being required unless the zoning or covenants require that yards be fenced, and then it would be the responsibility of either the developer or the first home that was built/sold as there would be no neighbor yet to help pay for it.
Find your county's website and look up zoning codes. Read the beginning section where it gived general information on how permission for use is constructed: if is an "only if it's mentioned is it allowed" or an "if it isn't mentioned, then it's allowed" ordinance?

Find out exactly how your property is zoned (there should be zoning maps). Are you part of a development or association? Are there any deed restrictions or covenants (to be enforceable, they would need to be recorded--probably with the county).

You may be able to get a better response if you go down in person rather than simply calling. Worst case scenario, file Freedom of Information paperwork--you have a constitutional right to know the ordinances that govern you.
Normally I wouldn't, but I had a former neighbor tell me that I should have had the courtesy to let her know when we were painting our wall (we have walls for fences in the Phoenix area) so that they could hire the painter to paint their side--and this is on a wall that we own; it isn't shared. Very nice neighbors, she was just a bit miffed that we hadn't given them the opportunity to participate.
Thank you for your help and support~ I will work on finding out the zoning- although I think I found that it is single family residential- no deed restrictions.
And I agree that openess and kindness are the best way to go- but it's so hard when you're angry. Fortunately, I have not put my foot in my mouth yet~ close... but not yet
I will do it for my fuzzy butts though.

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