She's panting, holding wings out, has swollen abdomen, and prefers standing to sitting


6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
Cedar Rapids IA
My Phoebe is sick. I've been treating for overheating for a couple days but I think I have the wrong diagnosis. Today I felt her abdomen is very swollen. She has runny poop that has soiled her back feathers. Her comb fell over about 3 days ago. She's eating and drinking. I gave her homemade electrolyte/water. Today I gave her a half hour bath in the sink, and she quit panting for awhile, but I put her back in the "hospital" kennel, and she's panting again. I have also put about 1/2 tsp mineral oil in her vent with a baby bulb syringe about an hour ago in case she has an egg stuck. Have called vets all over Cedar Rapids but either they don't treat chickens or couldn't see her today. I don't know what else to do to help her. I just want her to be alright.
No, but her abdomen is really really swollen and her vent just keeps working and working. I just tried steam under her butt for about 15 minutes, and she pooped, but no egg.

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