SHE'S STARVING, and won't eat


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Apr 26, 2007
My hen has successfully gotten over sour crop, and now is rejecting all food, except for trying to get to grass outside of the run. I think that grass is what caused this is the first place.

I have fed her crumbles for a long, long time - most of her life -- because at some point all the hens rejected pellets. Now she pecks at the crumbles and acts like she can't pick them up, or see them, or something. Her beak is fine.

Should I put her on pellets? She is clearly starving, won't eat any of the mashes, oil/bread, egg yolk, yogurt, that have been recommended. I even put some of her favorite bread out there and she is ignoring that.

All she wants is grass.

She is also rejecting the vitamin water. She was drinking the ACV water, so I'll return to that.

At wits end and don't want her to starve to death or re-impact with grass.

Any suggestions?
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Jan 18, 2008
Have you tried cooked oatmeal? Maybe her crop is sore from being sour, and she is wanting something softer? Something else mine love is cornbread. I would just keep trying things til you found something she liked. Did the yogurt have fruit in it? Mine prefer the fruit yogurt. Especially blueberry! Also applesauce might be good.

Good Luck!



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Apr 26, 2007
I'll try some oatmeal. So far she won't even look at what I put into dishes. Will also try blueberry yogurt. You are right - just keep trying. I'm out at that coop a billion times a day! But at least the crop is empty. Man THAT was awful.

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You could try force feeding her with and eye dropper. Not to much force mind you. I would suggest yogurt the cultures might help maybe mix the grass in or put it on the grass, just a little mind you. I was reading an article in BY chicken about chickens and herbal remedies. About how they know what grasses to eat for their digestive tracts. They eat them selectively. Are you providing plenty of grit. I keep some in the coop and spread it around the run. It won't spoil so just let it fly.
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Nov 9, 2007
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My Lilith wouldn't eat after recovering from swallowing broken glass.
What I finally got her to eat was jarred baby meats, oatmeal, macaroni and cheese (her favorite) and cornbread.

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