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ship 8/11 12+ eggs from blue & black Frizzle hens $25. inc s&h

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by Dipsy Doodle Doo, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. (Disregard the 'auction'part. Price is $25.00 for 12+)
    I'll have 12+ fresh eggs from my bantam Frizzle girls to ship 8/11.
    Price for 12+ is $25.00 and includes USPS Priority Shipping and Delivery Confirmation.
    No need to bid.

    The Frizzle hens are all black and blue Cochins and CochinxSilkie crosses.

    The roo in Frizzle pen is a smooth 'lemon blue with the barring gene' Cochin roo
    (pictured above) and these are some of the Frizz girls.

    Here is a link to how you can expect your eggs to be Wrapped & Packed For Shipping.

    PayPal is [email protected].

    If you have any special instructions like "Hold & Call for Pick Up", or would like them shipped to an address other than the addy in the PP info --- just add that and a ph# in the PayPal note so I don't miss it.
    The Frizzle girls are laying well again, so if you don't need this group --- I'll have eggs available every Mon/Wed/Fri.
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    Last edited: Aug 8, 2010
  2. Sierra pachie bars

    Sierra pachie bars Queen of the Lost

    Nov 8, 2008
    SOLD ~ [​IMG] Will pay pal now.
  3. Got the PP, Robin! Thanks! It's a shame usps messed up Sat shipping from here. I've got a BIG group fresh from the Frizz girls that *could've* shipped today and you'd've had them Mon.

    I'll have another group of 12+ available to ship 8/11.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2010

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