Shipped eggs and altitude


10 Years
Jun 16, 2009
western slope, Colorado
Ok I've had two sets of shipped eggs. 1st set no development in any (of 11), January. 2nd set I think I have 1 good developer, 2 blood rings, 2 quiters and nothing in the rest (of 8).

I'm sure that weather may have something to do with this all, however both sets of eggs came from Eastern states and I'm on the other side of the Rocky Mountians and am starting to think that the altitude adjustments may have something to do with it too... like taking a bag of potato chips over the mountains, the bag pops at that high altitude.

Any thoughts... should I only get eggs from the West.
There's so may good breeders out East I'd hate to miss out on.
I don't think temperature does anything...
I shipped a box of eggs and it got LOST for a week and a half before it showed up.
Even though I nearly begged to replace the eggs, the gentleman would not take it! He was faithful the eggs would develop... well 13 out of 15 are ready to hatch now!!! O.O
Mind you, I think the cold does preserve the eggs and aid in better hatch!

I had eggs that had 75% hatch rate that were refridgerated and old - think 2- 8 weeks OLD (I couldn't help myself and all my eggs were sold so I only got the oldest, dirtiest and yuckiest eggs LOL that I had to awash for my experiment!!! UNFAIR!! But i learned something out of it!)

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