Shipped eggs are doing fabulous!!

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    Mar 24, 2013
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    hello everyone,
    I ordered a dozen Serama eggs from a member here..( BHEP) Ordering was great! She is wonderful to do business with, had lots of helpful tips for me, since I'm a newbie, greatly appreciated! She sent 14, they arrived last week, each bubble wrapped and packaged with care! Im in TX, eggs came from NC!! Shipping went great!
    I had the incubator set up and ready, today is day 5, I candled,HAPPY TO SAY.. all the eggs but 3 show activity! Its so awesome to see the movement inside!
    I will keep u all posted.. Im super excited.. I have a new incubator, as my old one freaked during the night, spiked to 110, no clue how long at that temp. so i lost my last batch of 18 eggs.. 9 were Seramas :( before that, the batch wasn't fertile.. So i say Threes a charm!! Fingers crossed.. I wanted to do the dry humidity method, but guessing in TX its hard, so I'm keeping temp at 99-100, and humidity in the low 30s!

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