Shipped eggs/detached air cells

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    Mar 25, 2017
    I ordered hatching eggs (wyandottes). They travelled quite a ways and when I inspected them most seem to have damaged air cells (no cracks). I've been researching and I've found a lot of conflicting articles. Wondering what to do. They've been sitting in their shipping cartons upright (air cell up) for about a day now.

    I also received more eggs than my auto turner can handle. My intentions were to stack them in the turner until day 7, then remove the undeveloped ones. That way I can keep them upright so the cell is where it's suppose to be (I have the hovabator genesis 1588 [circulated air]).

    A friend said to put them in without the turner rather than stacking them in the turner. But I'm worried the air cells would then form on the side and not the end.

    Any advice?
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    Ask on Sally Sunshine's thread Incubating with friends. There is also an extensive notes section on the first page of the thread.
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