Shipped eggs........ grrrrrrrrrrr


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Apr 21, 2012
First off I'm not sure this thread belongs here and I apologize if it doesn't.
I get all my eggs through shipping, I have gotten a lot and I'm very familiar with all the risks and problems. That being said why oh why don't the sellers send fresh eggs? I've gotten some that have old dates on them. Example, the ones I got yesterday 4/25 had the date of 9 on them! I'm assuming that was the collected date. They all ranged from 9-21. Add the shipping time which for me is always 4 days. I know buyer beware but it is it too much to expect fairly fresh eggs to start with besides the rough handling in transit the odds are already not the best. That being said, I won the bid for 12 and did get extras.
FYI I do know there are many sellers who only ship fresh ones.
Ok I'm done ranting :)

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