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    Going for my third hatch, 9/41,11/45... All eggs were shipped. Hovabator Genesis with turner. I plan I doing a dry hatch completely until 18 days then keep 65% ish?
    How long should I let these eggs sit before putting them in the bator? I've been letting them sit 15-36 hours with the others and I can't tell that there has been
    Any difference with the settling time.
    Maran, Swedish flower, and I hope pumpkin Hulsey eggs (if I'm not getting ripped off by this person who said they shipped to the wrong person last time)
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    I go by the air cells. Are they small and fixed or are they big and loose or even totally detached and roll around like a bubble in a level?

    My last batch sat for 12 hours then I put them in and started turning, using a Brinsea Octo 20 advance. Hatched 13 out of the 19 I locked down, started with 32, but had 8 clears and 5 more quit along the way.

    Shipped eggs are a gamble. Distance, altitude change, health of the breeding stock, age of the eggs can all factor in to how your hatch does. Keeping a good temp and humidity is more important in my opinion.

    Good luck, and I hope you have a great hatch.

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