Shipped eggs stink!


10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
Marana, Arizona
I just received some eggs for a BYC'r, they stink really bad, like mold or something, it's like a combination of mold and bad egg. None are broke. What should I do, toss them or use them??
Have you candled them? You may have 1 rotten and the other may be just fine. I would not want to throw them away. There might be babies in there.

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All's I see is the air bubble moving around in there when I move the egg, no red veins at all. I just got them today in the mail. I don't know I could just put them in the bator and see what happens. I think I done with shipped eggs. I have about 30 and it doesn't appear that any are developing.
Smell each one. If they smell toss them. If not put them in and candle at 5-7 days. You should see something by then. If not they are not going to do anything. Also with damaged air cell, if you incubate them fat side up for the first two weeks they are more likely to hatch.
When the air cell has ruptured there's little air bubbles that move around as you're turning the egg....not just one air cell at the large end of the egg like there should be.

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