Shipped eggs with detached air sacs


Sep 27, 2016
Vancouver, BC
Some of my shipped eggs had detached air sacs but most looked ok. I let them rest for a day and a half with the fat end up.

I then set them in my incubator. It has horizontal egg placement, so that the eggs roll. On day 6, I candled and found that quite a few more must have had partially detached sacs because they look wonky. If you were to trace a line, it would be a bit swiggly instead of the usual smooth oval.

This just occurred to me now... Should I put cartons in my incubator so the eggs can sit vertically and gently rotate the angles by hand? Is it too late and just leave as is? With future shipments, should I place them vertically?

This is my first experience with detached air sacs so any input is appreciated. Thanks!


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Apr 9, 2013
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Hi there. Do the air cells still move around? When I hatched shipped eggs with detached air cells I put them in the incubator in an egg carton and hand turned 3X a day for a few days to a week depending on how bad they were, then put them in the auto turner. I didn't like the turner that rolled them around so I got the one that holds them vertically eventually. If you use egg cartons cut holes in the bottom of the cups and don't use paper ones. Turn them an odd number of times so they aren't left on the same side every night.

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