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    Many times I have made statements about shipped eggs. Shippers
    99.9% of the time, the eggs are wrapped and shipped properly and under normal conditions would be in perfect condition upon arrival. But the things the postal workers fo to these packages is beyound the normal persons worst dream.
    This is something we as buyers and shippers must put up with. To make it even worst, you can't insure the eggs being shipped.
    I say this yet I do ship eggs. Each time I do say a pray as I drop them off at the post office.
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    But the things the postal workers fo to these packages is beyound the normal persons worst dream.

    [​IMG] Please tell me exactly what we do to them. I would LOVE to know.
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    Diet and packing have lots more to do with a successful hatch then "postal workers".
    Often the only time a real person sees the package is when it is handed to be shipped and when it is delivered.
    My daughter and I can often tell if we will be having a good hatch from shipped eggs as soon as the box is opened. If the eggs have any room to "rattle around" the hatch rate goes way down.
    I had one seller back two different breeds to together. I had a 80% hatch from one and 0% even start from the other. When I contacted the seller she played the "it's the postal service fault". I wanted to ask her if they unpacked all the eggs, shook the one breed's eggs around then carefully repacked all the eggs. None were cracked or broken. She had simply sent non fertile eggs.
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    Shipping eggs is a crap-shoot. In the process of being shipped they can be moved from one extreme temp to another. The eggs are jostled by the ride and possibly by a flight. They may or may not be mishandled by a postal worker; so, I'm not willing to extend blame into an area that is impossible to prove.

    I'll give an example, I sent eggs to a fellow in Texas two different times last year. Both packages were packed by me. The packages were sent within one week of each other. All the eggs in both packages were from the same pen. None of the eggs were broken or cracked according to the man I shipped too. The hatch rate from the first package was 90%. The hatch rate from the second package was 20%.

    What was the difference? The only thing I can point to is the shipping process. And, no, I'm not blaming the postal workers.

    If the issue is not fertility or packing then it has to be the shipping process; at least as far as I can tell. saladin
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    May 5, 2009
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    Yeah, I think that's how it is...

    Though once in a blue, I am sure eggs will be obliterated... someone could be sending a 75 pound item and if your box of eggs falls into the cart and that 75 pound items comes next... you're sort of S-O-L Best thing to do is not blame the sender, unless you can see that 1) they did terrible packaging 2) sent old eggs??? and/or 3) sent infertile eggs.

    But you can also blame the postal workers at times - I've met some pretty rough-housing ones [​IMG]
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    Dec 21, 2009
    Quote:Well, the one delivery guy that we are hoping got fired (haven't seen him at all in a while) -

    1 - Tossed packages labeled 'fragile' to himself and spun them like a basketball while walking up the sidewalk
    2 - Dropped packages in front of my mailbox where they were run over by my neighbor who didn't see them when he pulled up to check his mail
    3 - Drove around with a mealworm delivery for 12 days because he didn't want to get out of the vehicle in that weather to deliver it and so just claimed I wasn't home to deliver it too (I'm a work from home mom)
    4 - Left a package labeled 'this end up' with the arrow pointing at the ground. And left it to the side of the porch, obscured by the BBQ we never use in the winter, where we found it purely by chance
    5 - Delivered a package by placing it in the back of a pickup truck that was pulled partway into our garage. My uncle noticed it when he stopped for gas on his way home, approximately 750 miles away.

    I'm so glad my usual driver came back from maternity leave. The eggs she delivered are showing progress in every egg that can be candled.
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    There is also random x-rays at the postal service. Thats a deffinate killer! falling from conveyor belts, placed under heavier packages, falling from trucks or carts, temp. fluctuations, just a rough ride in general and a whole lot more. As far as the mishandeling. Its like every job in the world. you do have the bad egg (cough, cough) That like to be as hard as they can be on packages just because they think its funny. BUT, this is not the norm!!! Yes, I have been there and seen it. There is always a jerk in every job that ruins it for all the Workers who do their best and honestly care about the job they are doing. But, as in life you never hear about the good ones. You always hear about the bad ones! This is not to place blame but to just show that it may or may not be the actual physical handling of packages. There is numerouse reasons and dangers in shipping eggs including mother nature that can account for a bad batch. AND sometimes it just ain't meant to be.

    Good luck and God Bless!
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    I think if the PO hired a full time crew of "jerks" whose job was to abuse packages, there is no way on earth they could mangle all the boxes they get accused of even if it was their full time paid job. I say the machinery that whips it through the automated system is the main culprit. Luck of the draw if it ends up with a high drop or a short drop off the conveyor belt, weather, x-rays, and quality of eggs originally sent. Some birds just make a tougher egg than others. Some have very fragile internal structures and even have floating air bubbles when they are pulled off the nest. I have seen a couple of those from my own javas. They have had poor results with shipping so far. I am going to change their diet and location to see if that will help out with their egg toughness, otherwise I will have to just hatch here and ship chicks. I am probably one of the few people who will just SAY it when there is a problem here at my own end, instead of blaming the PO or the buyer.
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    Jan 4, 2010
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    My postal carrier only delivers if its above 50 and sunny. If you have anything that will not or cannot be smashed into the box, you have to go pick it up. It may be a week before you get any mail or even a notice to go get it. Complaints have had no effect. every one on my postal route has complained. She has only been on our route for 2 years but it has been H*LL! The old one was great! Somtimes he would come back by on his way home if it was raining and you had a package that wouldn't fit in the box. We all miss Him.

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