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  1. ok I know this has been asked over and over but after searching over and over I still have not found the answer. It could be user error on my part [​IMG]

    Maybe this info should be stickied in here.

    I am getting some eggs shipped to me and I need to know what is the longest time to let them settle after shipping and how are they suppost to lay during that time?

  2. Katy

    Katy Flock Mistress

    Up to 24 hours and big end up.
  3. Thanks Katy!! [​IMG]
  4. Hi! You can let my eggs rest til Fri/Sat when the other group comes in --- I wouldn't hold them any longer than that.
    That's where the 'laid on' date really comes into play.

    If the eggs are already pushing 10 days old when YOU get them, you don't want to wait longer than necessary getting them set (rest 6 hrs).
    If they are fresher /younger eggs, you have more time to wait / let them rest before they start *losing viability*.
    The thing is, you usually don't know how old an egg is unless you ask.
    It's good you asked and good y'all will be getting fresh eggs and they can wait for the other order.

    I date EVERY egg I collect for potential hatching (except BR eggs, they are mostly table eggs and it freaks people out if they have writing. I need to get an stamp with 'laid on "..."' and 'inspected by Lisa'--- that would be acceptable) .

    Anyway [​IMG] I sent Kim an email. I hope it works out. If you want a different shipping date, just let me know.

  5. Quote:Hi Lisa,

    Nope we are good!

    I just wanted to make sure I have it right. I have never hatched shipped eggs before. [​IMG]

    I am looking forward to getting your eggs and luvzmybabz Cochin eggs. Both will be shipped on Monday and both those orders are going to be fresh/new eggs.

    Thanks Lisa for your help,
    Lisa [​IMG]
  6. Great! I see it might have been Marans eggs that might have been the hold-up for setting.
    I see I should have stayed with emailing Kim.
    edited to add: It was Kim asking for other info, not wooden pony.
    Since you are hatching the eggs (Lisa), I thought it was relevant...
    Or thought it was, I got confused [​IMG]

    Good luck with the hatch, Kim & Lisa!

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