Shipped gigs and humidity

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    I am about to try my first shipped eggs. I've read countless articles in the last few days about everything I can do to improve hatch rate.
    Most of its consistent from one source to the other, and that information I plan on doing (not turning for first three days of incubation, hatching upright in an egg carton, etc)
    But one thing I've only read ONE place, so naturally I question its accuracy.
    It says to run humidity lower than usual to help the air cells stabilize. Which makes sense, but it seems like if it really did help I would have read it multiple places.
    Has anyone here heard of that? Tried it? How much lower? Thanks for any input!

    Edited to ad that I'm on mobile and can't figure out how to fix the auto correct mistake in the title. It's supposed to be eggs [​IMG]
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    3 days of low humidity shouldn't make a huge difference for hatchability but it may be possible to help pulling some moisture out of the egg to stabilize the air cell.

    You don't have to refrain from turning if the air cells are good.

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