shipping adult hens?

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    well i want to ship three adult hens to mississippi (39462) from florida (32147) um i have never shipped any live birds so my questions are how would i do this? and what is the best to do it with like ups or just my post office? and how would i calculate the price? i am moving and they can not go on the bus with me so im trying to ship them before i leave. i do have someone who is going to pick them up i just dont know how i would even begin to do this. ive got 2 months to figure out and i need some help please. and sorry mods if i put this in the wrong section please move it if i did. thank you so much in advance
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    All righty,

    First you need to get a bio-secure shipping box. A good place is here:

    will then package up the birds and bring them to a post office that will accept live shipments. (You need to check the other end's post office to make sure they accept live shipm. too, otherwise they will throw them away and you'll get a note saying'Package perished')

    You HAVE to ship Express mail so they will get there fast enough, and put an apple or two in there for nourishment and water.

    ON a side note, you should be NPIP certified to ship birds between states.

    Hope this helps!

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