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    Oct 24, 2008
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    I am in need of help!! I raise and hatch my own chicks and now I sell eggs on eBay but I have been asked if i ship baby chicks to individual people and I contacted my post master and he told me that they have to be in a USPS approved box so i know that much. I want to know if anyone else out there that sells chicks like I want to do, if so, what do u have to do to start shipping chicks??? Thanks Chris
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    I think thats just it. Always send them air freight, mark them as live birds, and get tracking numbers on them.

    over night is best, or priority air.
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    By law there is more to it than just the box. Your flocks must be tested by an aproved Lab. Best check with your County Ag. agent. My flocks have all been tested by Ga. NPIP. That number and hatch date must be on the label. There are a lot of rules. The County agent can fill you in with all you need to know.
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    Mar 23, 2009
    Where do you find live animals on ebay? I saw this on another post and didn't realize you could sell these on ebay?
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    you can't sell live animals on ebay but you can sell hatching eggs. for me, every time I advertise hatching eggs, I get more inquiries for chicks then for eggs.
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    Nothing crazy or hard about it, go here and buy some day old chick boxes with pads.

    You can ship day old chicks without an issue second day via the USPS, the shipping costs are the same as any other second day package. I have had great success with marketing day old chicks everyone wants some, and just sent some to South Dakota from Ohio last week Monday, the arrived on Wednesday, not a single chick dead. I have shipped some when it was cold without additional heat and most ended up dead, just be careful and keep the chickies warm.
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