Shipping Birds?

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  1. The Monkey Mama

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    Jun 12, 2008
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    How hard is it to ship birds?

    I have four 25 week old cuckoo marans birds for sale and a lady wants to buy them really badly but she lives one state away from me. She is begging me to ship them, but I have no idea how to do that.

    How hard is it? What do I have to do? How hard is it on the birds? I'm assuming we'd ship them overnight, but that still seems stressful to me...

    Any advice?

  2. BeckyLa

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    I live in Louisiana and had adult birds shipped to me from Las Vegas without problems. Just contact your local P.O. and they will tell you what to do. It is expensive to ship grown birds, though, so you will want your buyer to pay shipping. And you need P.O. approved boxes to ship them in. I don't know where to buy them, but the P.O. may be able to help you with that, too. If not, folks on here ship all the time and I'm sure someone will be able to help you.

    Oh yeah, you will want some bedding in the bottoms of the boxes and puts several chunks of melon, watermelon, or other water-containing fruits for the birds to eat on the trip. It took 3 days for me to get mine from Vegas and they were in fine shape upon arrival. You will not be able to put water in with them so the fruit is very important. The birds will be fine for a couple of days without their food, so don't worry about that. Yes, they will stress and should be separated from the other birds when they arrive in there new home, but they should be fine. [​IMG]
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    I use apples and grapes, less messier than melons and dont smell as bad.

    I use Horizon shipping boxes and its easy to ship birds. Be sure to contact your PO if they will do the shipping because I had problems with my own PO and had to go to the next big town PO in Bloomington, IL to ship all my birds there.

    Its expensive but worth it if you have quality chickens or you wanted juvies or adults right away.

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