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Jul 13, 2009
Houston, MN
Where can I find information on shipping chickens through the post office? Do I get the boxes from the PO or is there someplace else that sells them? Do I have to take the box/chickens to an airport or can I drop them at the PO?

Thanks for any help!
Thanks Cammy!

I've never shipped before (obviously!) but I've had birds shipped to me. In both cases, I know that the shipper took the birds to the airport. It would be MUCH easier if I can just take the box with the birds to the local Post Office!

I'll look on-line for boxes... can ship a GROWN chicken through the mail?
Now I wonder why I didn't realize that?

I've got day old chicks in the mail, but I've never thought about putting a 12lb rooster in a box and slapping a postage stamp on him
You don't take them to your local post office. They should go to your main post office. It will save them a days travail. There is information on the site. There is a number that you are suposed to call but I don't think anyone does it. Just take them to you main post office & put some apples or something that holds moisture in there box to help them to there destination.
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