shipping chicks/eggs.

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    Next spring i'd like to offer people in a wide range to my eggs/chicks from my silkies. How do i go buy shipping chicks such as..

    I got a mag where I can order live chick shipping boxs Min of I think 25 chicks.

    What i need to know is this

    What are good shipping temps?
    What do I need to do for the chicks before shipping them after hatching?
    Should I place food in the box for the chicks?

    2nd question with eggs...

    1. Can I buy the shipping boxs at my local post office or do they need to be special egg shipping boxs? Also can I buy the packing stuff to pack them to make for safe shipping at the local post office?

    2. what are good egg shipping temps?

    3. How long can I collect eggs for shipping in what amount of time are they still good for hatching?

    Thanks to everyones replys!

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