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13 Years
May 3, 2010
Elgin, TX
I have just started a small backyard hatchery selling black sex-links. I have lots of orders; most are local pickup but some want them shipped. I live in Central Texas and all the orders will be shipped within Texas. My question is, for those that have shipped a larger number of chicks, how much (with a shipping box) weigh for 25 and 50 chicks. Or this might be easyier to understand, how much does a chick weigh (dual purpose, Barred Rock x with Production Red) and how much does a box typicaly weigh. I was thinking of maybe doing a flat rate since all the shipments are within Texas, but don't want to end up losing money on it. Any help would be much apreciated!
If you have chicks, a box and a scale, it should be a pretty easy science experiment
You can't go "flat rate" on live chicks. You must have the special box designed to ship live birds.

If you've got a kitchen scale, you can weigh the box with chicks and then go to the post office web site and figure out what the postage will be.
I didn't meen a flat rate box, but a flat rate for the shipping charges. I have peolple that would like to know how much shipping is now, and I don't have the boxes or the chicks yet. I figured someone that has shipped chicks before would know the answer. I have searched online but can't find the answer.

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