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Hey everybody, I could use some help. My baby chicks were shipped from Ideal in TX on Tues., and did not arrive here in KY until this AM. It was terrible. I thankfully had some dog nail clippers in the car or I couldn't have opened the box. Originally, there were 5 survivors - I sat in the parking lot with the heat blasting and giving them drops of sugar water with a syringe. Once home I put them on a heating pad while I rearranged the brooder situation. Two died soon after, and I think I finished off another by causing it to aspirate water - it also had a seizure before dying.
They are barely moving, so maybe it couldn't coordinate the swallowing/breathing?

I don't know what to do with the last two. One is perking up - able to sit upright and seems more alert, the other was initially doing well but seems to be going downhill - no neck control, labored, almost agonal breathing, possible seizures, peeps but sounds distressed. They're trying hard to live. I'm keeping an eye on temp under the light, but they can't move closer or away if they're uncomfortable. I am going to have to give them their nutrition by syringe, but I'm afraid to overdo it and kill them. Any advice for helping babies this sick?

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss!! Even if Ideal does replace them all (which they should) that doesn't cover the grief of seeing so many dead chicks!
I am pretty new, too -- so I have no advice, but my heart goes out to you!
I'm so sorry!!! Those poor little chicks... If the little EE makes it, maybe you could go to a TSC or somewhere and get one little buddy to keep it company until you decide what you're going to do.
I totally agree with Cathy; a refund or replacement doesn't take away all the stress, trauma, and sadness of your experience.
I am so sorry.
Now I'm worried, as I have an order coming from Ideal in April----they are shipping on the 6th. Did your chicks just get too cold or too long w/o food?
The yolk should give her some fast, easy energy.

If you have nails, you can use a nail to hold water and bring to her beak. Touch her bottom beak with the water drop and she will drink if she is thirsty (she should be, even new hatches drink this way). You can also cup a bit of yolk in your nail to offer her. You can also tap on the edge of the yolk plate/bowl to get the chick's attention - like a momma hen would when pecking at food.

I have found chicks to be very attracted and attentive to nails - following to water and food. I believe it is reflexive and reminds them of a hen's beak.

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