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  1. Is it best to wrap each egg individually with bubble wrap?
    Could some one tell me the best way to protect eggs for shipping?
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    Although I don't ship a lot of eggs, usually only for swaps. What I do is wrap each egg in bubble wrap, then place them inside an egg carton (this works good for bantam eggs) then wrap the carton with bubble wrap. Then pad the shipping box with newspaper all around the egg carton. Just don't make it too tight in the box so there is a little wiggle room. This has worked for me and as far as I know all my eggs have always arrived fine.
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    I wrap each egg individually in bubble wrap and then nest them in crumbled newspaper. I make sure they are tight enough to not move but not so tight that it creates pressure.
  4. Hi Scott! The link below is how I wrap and pack eggs for shipping.
    I think there are many different *good ways* to wrap and pack eggs (and twice that many not-so-great ways).

    Good luck!

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