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    Feb 25, 2010
    I candled some eggs today day 9 and confirmed what I feared. I ordered six recieved 8 intact and one broke. I had a pretty good idea before I opened the box that there would be problems. The seller had took the time to wrap every egg in bubble wrap and split cartons into and lined the edges of the box with styro cartons so there was effort in packing the eggs. I know theres no gaurantee on how eggs will be handled but if I pick up the box and turn it on it's side and hear eggs rolling around It doesn't matter how they were handled or if any are broken. Out of the eight I recieved intact I put six in my brinsea mini advance which I've had better than 95 percent hatch with my eggs, took two to a friend along with 10 of my own eggs to go in his sportsman. I put one of my own in my incubator with the six shipped eggs. Right now I can only see one developing at all plus the one of mine. I know everyone on this sight has had this problem if they incubate many shipped eggs so I know it isn't just a problem for me. I order eggs because I want breeds I can't get here where I live. I want better birds than I expect to get from a hatchery. I know the 15 dollars shipping fee doesn't buy alot of packing but free packing in the form of crumpled newspaper is better than not enough packing. Also I would be willing to spend more on shipping if I could expect better hatch rates. I know some people go to great lengths to package well and do so with good results but wouldn't it be easier to push for an industry standard type of shipping box. I've seen the foam cutouta and tink it would work great and you can still bubble wrap eggs so they fit the cut out tightly. Ok I'm through with my rant for now.
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    When we order eggs I always make it a point to ask how they will be packaged. If I don't like the answer I don't buy


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