shipping fertilized eggs


8 Years
Jun 4, 2011
Hi everyone,
I am new to the site and also somewhat new to "breeding" silver laced wyandotte bantams. This started as a 4-H project with my daughter and has now turned into a great learning adventure. We have a nice small flock of show quality birds and are incubating now and again. The flock came from the local fair judge who is a breeder and decided that he no longer wanted to breed bantams and concentrate on his geese. From what I have heard locally, the birds are excellent quality and we have been told that we should start selling the eggs. Any starter tips on what they would be worth and how to ship to ensure that they will not break? This would be a great way to make money for our 4-H club. Thanks, any and all help or suggestions are appreciated!


11 Years
Nov 25, 2008
Always ship big end standing up. I double wrap each egg with bubble wrap. First in the box is several layers of bubble wrap, then the bottom of an egg carton just to keep the eggs off the bottom of the box. Then I put each egg double wrapped in the box making sure they are in the center of the box with bubble rolled up bubble wrap keeping them away from the sides of the box. In a 7X7 box I can ship 1 dozen this way, in a medium priority box I can ship 2 dozen. I will always put several layers of bubble wrap on the top of the eggs, then I put a note about what to expect from shipped hatching eggs, a business card and tape it shut. Big end up is a big deal. It helps stabilize the eggs and keep bubbles from forming during shipping.


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