Shipping fresh eating eggs with other items


8 Years
May 26, 2011
San Antonio
I've been doing some looking around trying to figure out about shipping eggs for eating (not hatching eggs) and it looks like it shouldn't be a problem so long as they are shipped fresh, fast, and well padded (right?) and the info on this thread was great for packaging info: but I still have one question. Is it possible to pack eggs up like that but still put other items in the shipping box with them or do eggs need to be shipped completely on their own for maximum safety? Also, do I need to mark the package in any way that it contains perishable foods?

Thanks for the help and wisdom!
I'm sure you could ship things altogether I would just make sure everything was secured in it's own spot. Nothing loose to rattle around. A couple things you might want to consider is the temperatures outside and also the cost of shipping quickly. I worked for the UPS for two years and did freight at the airport after that. If it's 90 degrees outside that day it's going to be 105-110 inside the trailers.. unless they ship air.

Good luck

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