Shipping hatching eggs outside of lower 48. Against the law???


10 Years
Nov 18, 2009
Many sellers on the E-bay told me that sending hatching eggs to Alaska is against the law
) I have tried to google this law, but did not find anything. I would appreciate if someone will post a link to this "law".
Thanks a lot
Also, it's not any more expensive to ship up there- worked just fine as far as hatches, too, with over 75% hatch rate- I assume the handling isn't any different.
We here in Alaska mostly get screwed by paying ridiculous postal fees, and it taking a long time. This is probably why someone told you this, so you wouldn't bother them. Buy from the folks on here
It is the same rate if using USPS flat rate boxes. I was just confused how people "want it to be the law" without any proof
I guess Foucault was right
Folks just don't want to go any extra length if they don't have to...even though in this case, there is none!

One gal I shipped to up there bought tons of extra eggs and I sent a huge flat rate packed to the gills- she was tickled, and now I know why! What a pain to have to convince folks you can receive eggs!

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