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    Aug 5, 2011
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    Im all new to this. I have just gotten an incubator. I bought some hatching eggs from My Pet Chicken. Does anyone know what hatchery they use for Marans? I work Midnights and was waking up all day waiting for the delivery. Finally got up worrying because it was towards the end of the day. Checked my phone and I had a message from the post office saying they were there. They are not close by. What gets me is I have a post office just a block from my house. I dont understand why it didnt go there. Any way, why would it go there? I thought they ship to your door and chicks go to the post office? At least they made it intact. I ordered 9 Black Copper Marans, 9 Golden Cuckoo Marans and 3 Golden Polish. The Golden Cuckoos eggs are not very dark at all. They are a bit darker than my Barred Rocks. Hope they hatch well. Going in Sunday. First hatch![​IMG]

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