Shipping regular chicks and bantams together?


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Nov 14, 2009
Kingman Arizona
I am getting a box of replacements for some Ideal hatchery chicks that did not make it. They will be shipping them next Monday. They told me that since it was a small number, they would have to include extra "males for warmth". That's fine with me, since we're going to eat any extra roosters anyway, but now that I think about it...I'm betting those extras will be regular size, while the ones they are replacing for me are bantam. Is it normally ok to box them together? I worry about the big ones trampling the little ones. I already lost half the bantams I got in the first box, and they were crowded in there so tight they could not move, I could see that being a disaster with tiny bantams and big rooster packing peanut chicks. I don't want these to arrive dead and dying like the first ones! So, am I worrying about something that's not a problem? Do you think the hatchery would make the extras bantams also if I asked?


Aug 2, 2008
Fremont, Wisconsin
Shipping regular chicks and bantams together is not a problem. They can ship together fine. Hatcheries will not include bantam extras on request. If you want bantams instead of free extras you would have to pay for them.


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May 26, 2009
who wants to know?
bantams and standard breeds do great side by side in any sitch. and chicks are like kids, they dont judge by size or color


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Jan 16, 2009
Colbert, Ga
My replacement order from Ideal had 6 "males for warmth". They are standards and my order was bantams. And the assorted banties they sent this time were all the teeny weeny ones! All the babies arrived alive. BUT a few of the banty babies were squished up against the sides. My husband had to kind of peel them out of the box. I was really worried about them for a little while, but after a few hours, they had perked up and were running with the rest. That said, I really think if they had been in the box even an hour longer, those banty babies wouldn't have made it. I lost 11 of the first order in the first day... this order so far has had no losses, and I've had them a week already.


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Dec 24, 2008
New Hampshire
I have learned that shipping them together is a bad idea...I ordered 30 chicks - half bantams, half large breed. I lost ALL of my bantams and 4 large breed in my original order. In the replacement order, I again, lost all of my bantams, because the large chicks squished them...I see why some hatcheries dont like to mix! I will not order them together again! That is too many dead chicks for me.


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Jun 30, 2009
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They can ship together many times just fine..that said I won't ship my bantams with my bigs and they don't bunk together in the same brooder either.The risk just is too high for them being smothered by the big kids.
I also lost half of an order from MM this Spring in order not to get the packing peanuts..we have way too many of our own roos growing up I had to order the full amount and pay the shipping on all of the birds but it did allow me to order just pullets that I can resell or keep

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